U.S. Senate race: Bill Nelson leads Connie Mack in latest poll

3:07 PM, Sep 4, 2012   |    comments
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida)
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(News-Press) -- U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson is leading Connie Mack IV by 7 percentage points in the race for the Senate, according to the most recent Public Policy Media poll.

Nelson leads 45-38 percent, a 5 percent increase compared to the last poll done in late July. The lead comes despite only a 35 percent approval rating and 42 percent disapproval.

According to the poll, Mack is even more unpopular with 27 percent having a favorable opinion compared to a 45 percent unfavorable. Only 17 percent of independents have a positive opinion of Mack, while 48 percent have a negative opinion. Much of Nelson's advantage comes from a 45-29 advantage of independents.

The most recent poll also shows that Charlie Crist isn't a particularly popular figure in Florida anymore. After his endorsement of President Obama only 36 percent of voters in the state now have a positive opinion of him to 44 percent with a negative one. Now 44 percent of the voters in the state think he should join the Democratic Party to 20 percent who think he should not.

In a hypothetical match Crist, running as a Democrat, would lead Rick Scott 45-42. A generic Democrat would lead Scott by the exact same 45-42 spread.

Scott's approval rating is 41 percent with 49 percent of voters disapproving of him. Although he continues to be unpopular these are actually the best numbers we've found for him since he took office.

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