Republicans for Obama looks to gain momentum after RNC

7:21 PM, Aug 31, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist isn't the only Republican that's jumping ship to vote Democratic in the upcoming Presidential Election. Several Bay area Republicans are not only planning to vote for President Obama, but they're working with his campaign to convince other voters to do the same.

Pam Marron and Jack Slorah are registered Republicans, but lately they've been volunteering for the Democrats. They're trying to drum up support in President Obama's re-election campaign and they plan to vote for the President in November.

Marron is a mortgage broker in Pasco County. She says she's had a front row seat to the housing crisis and she appreciates how the President has responded to it.

"He is paying attention to the over 16 million underwater homeowners in this country."

She says she watched the Republican National Convention and felt the party made it a point to bash the president, but didn't offer up any real solutions. She says President Obama has.

"There's one option available for these folks to refinance through a program called the Harp 2 but this program only helps 60 percent of these underwater homeowners. The Obama refinance plan was made to help the other 40 percent."

Marron adds, "The Obama refinance plan brilliantly encourages the growth of equity back into homes by giving a credit towards closing costs and underwater homeowners simply refinance to a 20 year term. President Obama gets it. The Obama refinance plan is a solution to move underwater homeowners forward while Mitt Romney thinks we should let the housing market hit bottom."

She's not alone in her thinking either. Jack Slorah, also a Republican, says, "Bring back the conservative Republican party. We need them [but] they're not there anymore. You're looking at people dedicated to moving backwards not forward."

Melinda Goldman says,"We're not walking away from the Republican Party, but we're walking away from some of the extremist ideas that they have."

Political Analyst Kiki Caruson says she believes the number of registered Republicans voting for Democrats and vice versa is slim - even though former Republican Governor Charlie Crist this week threw his support behind President Obama.

Caruson says,  "In most instances, once registered, Democrats and registered Republicans will stick with the party candidate even if that candidate doesn't meet all their needs in terms of policy and positions."

She also says the election won't likely come down to voters casting their ballots outside their party affiliation. She says it will come down to independents, especially in the I-4 corridor area.

Tammie Fields, 10 News

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