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Crews race against wind to clean up Debby damage

7:01 PM, Jun 26, 2012   |    comments
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PASS-A-GRILLE, Fla. -- A message written on a chalkboard outside the Pass-a-Grille Marina sums up the feeling about this lingering storm: "Debby blows."

Employees had to pick up the board several times since, of course, since it blew over from strong wind gusts.

Those same gusts uprooted large trees and scattered branches that Luke Brothers Landscape Services is now rushing to clean up.

"Most of our efforts are concentrated right here, right now," said Matthew Mondelli, the company's Arbor Care Division Manager. "It's been hectic, just on storm damage. It's been nonstop for the last two days."

They haven't had this much work ahead of them since Hurricane Charley hit in 2004. Tree damage along public property has been isolated to a couple parks, but those powerful wind gusts haven't been isolated at all.









"[The hardest part] is working around the wind and not knowing the unpredictability of what is to come," Mondelli says. "It's amazing, as weak as Debby was, to think what would have happened if she was anything more major."

Mondelli says crews will need another two days to clean up trees and debris in the Pass-A-Grille area.









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