Pass-a-Grille cleans up after confirmed tornado during Tropical Storm Debby

5:10 PM, Jun 25, 2012   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- "We heard the train coming. We heard the explosion," said Pass-a-Grille resident Kenny Herman.

Then came the tornado that ripped apart a tourist rental building owned by Herman.

Photo Gallery: Pass-a-Grille cleans up after tornado

"It's destroyed," he told a friend Monday morning. "The whole building."

Luckily, he says, no one was living on the top floor, or they may have been killed by the impact. No one on the bottom floor was hurt.

Down the street, 8-year-old Kayleigh was helping her family pick up a boat flattened by the storm. Neighbors say it was carried by the wind and was originally at the marina seven blocks away.

"I saw a bunch of houses. They did not look good," Kayleigh said. "I want to help the people who had to go through this."

Despite flooding and other damage across the area, Aldo Rodriguez saw Tropical Storm Debby as prime time for fishing. He and a friend are visiting from New Jersey, and didn't want to sacrifice vacation time for the storm.

"We've gotten a few bites," he said while getting hit with intense waves along Pass-A-Grille Beach, "but nothing more. We've gotten wet, but that's about it."

Rodriguez and other residents were happy to see some sunshine peeking through on Monday, knowing that Debby may last even longer.

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