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Rare orange lobsters found in Massachusetts

11:43 AM, Jun 20, 2012   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Rare and colorful lobsters



Mansfield, MA - It's a very rare find... but a worker at Bill Sarro's seafood restaurant called the Fresh Catch in Mansfield, Massachusetts found five orange lobsters in their most recent shipment from Maine.

Workers were unpacking the shipment over the weekend, when they at first thought someone had slipped in an already cooked lobster as a joke.   But the carrot-colored lobster unpacked at Fresh Catch was no joke - it was a live marine oddity.

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Photo Gallery: Rare and colorful lobsters

According to marine experts, orange lobsters are a one in 10 million find.   A spokesman for the New England Aquarium told the Sun Chronicle Newspaper it is an "unusual and interesting" discovery.

The lobsters are still alive and being kept in the store's tank.

The color of orange lobsters is attributed to a genetic deformity. Among rare-colored lobsters, finds of blue ones are an estimated 1 in 2 million. Orange-red live lobsters rank in the middle of the rarity scale, according to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.

Rarer yet are yellow lobsters, estimated at 1 in 30 million, along with calico lobsters (with orange and black mottled shells); and the rarest, an albino lobster, estimated at 1 in 100 million, according to the institute and the Maine State Aquarium.

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