PolitiFact: Gov. Rick Scott says state pension ''not funded''

2:23 PM, Mar 21, 2012   |    comments
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Florida Gov. Rick Scott

St. Petersburg, Florida - On March 6, a judge overturned a controversial state law that required public employees to contribute 3% of their salaries toward their pensions. She ruled it unconstitutional.

Governor Rick Scott says it's an example of a judge wanting to "write the law" and he says the state law is constitutional.

But he also said the state retirement fund for employees is not funded. That's a statement PolitiFact Florida put to the truth-o-meter.

When a judge ruled Florida's pension changes unconstitutional, Governor Rick Scott didn't hide his dislike about her decision.

"I want to make sure we fix the plan so individuals can actually rely on it. Because today, you can't rely on that plan, it's not funded."

This definitely caught the ears of fact checkers at PolitiFact Florida.

"People got the impression that the pension system was in dire straits, which really it's not so. The fact is, the state pension system is one of the best funded state pension systems in the country," says Aaron Sharockman with PolitiFact Florida.

So PolitiFact Florida reached out to Scott's office. His spokesman says the Governor misspoke.

"They think that he meant to say underfunded, he said not funded. They said it was a misspeak. They say he talks about this all the time and there's been hundreds of cases where he's said it the right way," says Sharockman, who went on to say, "we always hold Scott, or anyone else, to exactly what they said, we don't give them a pass because they say we don't mean to say it that way."

So PolitiFact Florida rates Scott's statement: FALSE.

To learn more about how Florida's retirement system works and to see more PolitiFact Florida checks, click here.

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