New Website for People Selling Items After Breakup, Make Money and Get Support from Others

1:36 AM, Feb 25, 2012   |    comments
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Never Liked It Anyway is a website that allows someone to sell "breakup" items

Tampa, Florida - Did you just go through a breakup and have some items you wanted to get rid of? There is a new website that just may help you sell them and make some cash. The website is called "Never Liked it Anyway" and it offers discounted items, most of them from failed relationships.

There are dozens of dresses, jewelry items, vacations and other things for at least one-fourth off of what they would cost in stores. The site has been up and running for about two months now, and has sold about 150 items.

Twenty-eight year old Annabel Acton, who lives in New York, created the site after a breakup left her stuck with plane tickets.

"It sort of really speaks to the fact that it's such a human truth. It's something we've all been through. We can all relate to," said Acton.

With every item, the seller lists the real world price, the break up price, and which break-up phase they're in. They also tell the story behind the item, whether it's a divorce or a marriage that never was. People can also comment on the stories posted and offer support.

Bay Area relationship counselor, Rhonda Audia, said there is something therapeutic about the process.

"People get a lot of strength from putting down their stories and other people kind of giving them feedback. I think that's good," said Audia.

Even if you haven't gone through a break-up you can still post items on the website. Acton says she's getting about 10-15,000 hits a day, so far.

Here's the Website:

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