Casey Anthony's personal conversations with psych doc

8:29 PM, Jan 11, 2012   |    comments
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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- No one really knows what's going on in the mind of Casey Anthony.

She's been called a murderer, a liar, and evil. But now her most intimate thoughts and personal conversations are being made public. The world will now know what she told doctors during a mental health evaluation.

Judge Belvin Perry just unsealed multiple documents where the 25-year-old mother underwent a psych evaluation six months before her murder trial.

Dr. Jeffrey Danziger examined Anthony and said, "I have a very difficult time going through this because she is accusing people of very bad things that may not be true. I am just deeply worried that I'm doing the wrong thing. I'm puzzled why she's in a good mood, reading books in jail, and calm."

Then, the doctor asked Anthony point blank, "Why are you so calm under these conditions?"

Danziger said, "I essentially asked her, I said, 'I'm surprised you're feeling so well.' And I said, 'Can you explain that?' And then she replied to me, 'My gut feeling is [Caylee] is okay. I can sense...I feel that she's close. I know in my heart and my gut things are still okay.'"

10 News spoke with a longtime local psychiatrist, Dr. Walter Afield, who has treated more than 20,000 patients in his career. He says Casey Anthony is a good actress and seductive, much like Glenn Close in the movie Fatal Attraction.

Dr. Afield said, "She lies, she manipulates. The doctors say compartmentalize. She doesn't know truth from reality."

One thing Dr. Afield points out is that doctors are not magicians. A patient can go in and say anything they want, Dr. Afield maintains, and it is hard to tell whether or not they're lying or telling the truth.

In fact, in one document, prosecutors ask Dr. Danziger if Casey Anthony was telling the truth. Ashton said, "Was her demeanor of someone that looked completely truthful?"

The doctor answered, "Her demeanor, the best way to say it, is she was calm, cooperative and pleasant, as if we were discussing someone who had a parking ticket. She was friendly and cooperative. She admits to having a flirtatious streak."

Then, Anthony talks about the alleged sexual abuse.

Ashton asks, "So, she's accusing her father, George Anthony, of having sexual intercourse with her?"

The doctor said, "Oral sex, forcing oral sex, she just said everything, everything. Yes. That's what she said. She said it stopped by age 11. Told no one 'til last year."

As far as what happened to little Caylee, Danziger says Casey Anthony claims her father murdered the child.

Dr. Danziger said, "'I think [George Anthony] held her underwater, maybe he was doing something to her and he tried to cover it up. After 9 a.m., father woke me up. He's shaking me. He's screaming at me, "Where's Caylee?"' She said, he had Caylee in his arms soaking wet. There's an aboveground pool. He said, 'It's your fault, it's your fault, you're a bad mother.'"

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