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Dougherty Siblings: What's next for the Dougherty Gang after Colorado arrest

8:23 AM, Aug 11, 2011   |    comments
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Zephyrhills, Florida -- Since this cross-country crime spree started in Pasco County, you may think the Doughertys would be brought right back to Florida.

But with this trio accused of firing bullets in three states, the Tampa Bay area may be their last stop.

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Detectives say Ryan, Dylan, and Lee Grace Dougherty fired at officers in Colorado as they tried to get away.

Police there want each sibling to face four counts of "first degree assault on a peace officer."

Then there are federal bank robbery charges in Georgia. Investigators say the trio fired into the air before they held up a bank in Valdosta.

And, of course, there's the showdown that started it all.

The siblings who call themselves the Dougherty Gang are accused of firing around 20 shots at a police officer in Zephyrhills before launching a high-speed chase.

Prosecutors in all three states, as well as the U.S. Justice Department, will decide where the trio will get its first day in court.

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco told 10 News anchor Reginald Roundtree that the public should be happy with any of those places.

"We can be slow and methodical now," Nocco said. "They have handcuffs on them -- the bracelets are there -- they're not going anywhere."

"The public is not in danger, so we want to make sure that we get convictions out of this. We don't want them to walk out again publicly."

We've also heard from Lee Grace Dougherty's fiance in Central Florida. It appears they started dating during the time she was dancing at a strip club.

On Facebook, Brendon Bookman wrote, "Not much to say now. They are cuffed and stuffed. I doubt the marriage will happen as she will likely be put away for a long, long time."

Kevin Widner is the Zephyrhills Police Officer who first confronted the trio for speeding.

He had no idea they were armed with an arsenal of weapons and planned to fight their way across the U.S.

Widner will be talking with reporters Thursday morning at 10 a.m. and 10 News will bring you his thoughts on and 10 News at Noon.

Grayson Kamm, 10 News

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