10 News recaps the last 24 hours of freedom for the Dougherty siblings

7:59 AM, Aug 11, 2011   |    comments
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- After calls across the country from people claiming to have spotted the Dougherty siblings, the FBI in Colorado hit pay dirt. Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock, the first credible sighting of the fugitives in days proved to be dead-on.

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By the time law enforcement caught up with Ryan, Dylan, and Lee Grace Dougherty less than 24 hours later, again, the siblings pulled their guns and allegedly shot at police.

The crucial tip came in thousands of miles away from Tampa Bay in Colorado Springs. 911 dispatchers alerted all local law enforcement. An employee at an REI outdoors store saw the Doughertys inside the store buying a tent.

Thirty minutes later, around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, someone driving through Colorado Springs spotted the white Subaru the Doughertys were supposed to be driving. The driver called 911 saying,"Inside the vehicle were what looked to be the three [Dougherty] siblings."

Police couldn't find them in time, but the Doughertys resurfaced farther south in Canon City at a Walmart. A store clerk says they needed ammo for an AK-47, but the store was sold-out.

From there, the Doughertys headed off into the woods of the San Isabel National Forest to spend the night. The next morning at 9:02, someone saw their car near the campsite.

A sheriff's deputy hurried out to check the report, but on his way he saw the Doughertys' car leaving a Subway restaurant near the interstate. That was at 9:31 a.m., and the deputy followed the siblings onto Interstate 25 beginning the chase.

FBI Special Agent Phil Niedringhaus says, "This gang was very willing to engage law enforcement in a firefight. Shots were fired at pursuing vehicles in Colorado."

Colorado State Police joined in the chase going faster than 100 miles per hour as officers say the Doughertys continued to shoot at law enforcement following them south on I-25.

"Everyone is talking on the radio, communicating on the radio as this whole thing is transpiring. The trooper that was down at the scene deployed some stop stick devices, which is a tire deflation device on the highway," added Lt. Col. Anthony Padilla with Colorado State Police.

The stop sticks blew a tire, flipping the Doughertys' car onto a guardrail near exit 52. That's where officers arrested Dylan Dougherty outside the car.

Lee Grace took off down a hill and pulled a gun on an officer following her. The officer drew first, shooting Lee Grace in the leg.

Ryan Dougherty ran toward a nearby motel where an eyewitness stepped in.

"I grabbed him. He put up a fight and flung around. I grabbed him again and yanked him down to the ground and he just said 'I give up,'" David Vucetich told us of his encounter with the fugitive.

Before 10 a.m., all three Doughertys were in custody, ending this eight-day nationwide manhunt.

"We knew we were dealing with some very dangerous individuals. Fortunately, we were able to see a positive result and a positive conclusion to this," added Colorado State Police.

In the Doughertys' possession, authorities found a handgun, a MAC-11 machine pistol, and two AK-47 assault rifles.

No officers were hurt during the chase. The Dougherty siblings were treated for their injuries, released from the hospital, and booked into the Pueblo County jail.

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