Police: Man's ear bitten off, swallowed in fight

3:26 PM, Jun 6, 2011   |    comments
Police say Davis Randolph bit off and swallowed Terrance Johnson's ear during a fight.
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St. Petersburg, Florida - Not even Mike Tyson went so far.

St. Petersburg Police say a fight between two men culminated with one biting - and then swallowing - the other's ear.

Investigators say a fight broke out in the street between Davis Randolph and his ex-girlfriend Sarah Zimmerman in the early morning hours of Saturday on Central Avenue.  25-year-old Terrance Johnson, a friend of Zimmerman's, tried to intervene and got into an altercation with Randolph, 38.

Randolph allegedly got Johnson on the ground, where he bit off and swallowed Johnson's ear.  Johnson ran away and Randolph then allegedly threw a beer bottle through a nearby building's window.

Police arrived on scene and arrested Randolph. When asked what he did with Johnson's ear, he reportedly told police it was swallowed "in the heat of battle."

Randolph faces numerous charges, including aggravated battery and throwing a deadly missile into/at/within a building.

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