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Bikini laser tag aims for good time

9:58 AM, Jun 16, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, FL -- Anthony John Letourneau and his friends weren't really sure what type of reception they'd get when they decided to hold a night of bikini laser tag. But if the bikini laser tag is judged by smiles, they've got a winner.

Photo Gallery: Bikini Laser Tag

"My initial reaction was super stoked because I was thinking UV lights, girls in bikinis and a load of music, like, how can you get better than that?" said Sara Laferriere, who has helped organize the first two events.

Last month, Letourneau and his friends held their second overnight event of bikini laser tag at Terrace Sports in Temple Terrace. The event drew several hundred people, many who stayed until 6 a.m. to play the game.

The group's first bikini laser tag event generated an online buzz, which Leatourneau says resulted in some promoters calling him.

"I got some interest by some people. 'Hey, come do this in Miami' and I got a call from Dallas saying, 'Hey, we got a place out here we'd like you to do it,'" Letourneau told 10 News.

The reason Leatourneau says they came up with the idea while brainstorming on ways to raise money for an arts festival. He says instead of a bikini car wash, why not bikini laser tag.

The first two events have been open to the public and bikinis for girls are not required.

Leatourneau says he does not have another night of bikini laser tag planned, but says based on the response from his first two events he'll likely hold another one. 

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