Only on 10: Fined would-be Casey Anthony juror: "no regrets"

10:45 PM, May 11, 2011   |    comments
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PINELLAS COUNTY, FLORIDA-- Faced with the possibility of being 100 miles away from home for several months, unable to go to work, limited interaction with friends, family, or the outside world, a St. Petersburg man took a different route on Wednesday.

Jonathan Green found a way to get out of serving on the jury for Casey Anthony's trial.

"It was going to be horrible and I'm glad I'm done with it," Green said Wednesday afternoon.

Earlier Wednesday in the courtroom, he went up and started talking with a reporter, directly disobeying the judge's orders.

"Were you trying to get out of jury duty?" the judge asked when he learned of Green's move.

"Yeah," Green replied.

The 35 year old told 10 News as soon as he figured out he might be a juror in the case of the mother accused of killing her own daughter, he started looking for a way out.

The judge ruled him in contempt of court and fined Green $450.

Green says going in he didn't know what penalty, including the possibility of jail time, he would face for his actions, but he said it was better than giving up his life for the case.

"That's not a good thing.  You couldn't talk to anybody, you could only have visitations with your parents, or your folks, or your friends for a day on a Saturday in Orlando, and you'd have to put your whole life away for six months," he explained.

Green, who works in the bakery at Publix, says he would gladly perform his civic duty for another trial if it didn't take him away from home for so long.

"I'm glad I don't have to serve on the jury," he said, "no regrets."

Under his agreement with the judge, he'll pay $50 to the court for the next nine months.

He'll also pay a $25 administrative fee, but the judge determined he won't have to face any jail time.


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