Hero Central: Cynthia Pinckney feeding the hungry

3:11 PM, Oct 8, 2010   |    comments
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Cynthia Pinckney
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Dover, Florida -- We all know how the economy has played a role in the number of people who out are out of work and in some cases homelessness, but one Seffner woman is doing her part to help make a difference.

Cynthia Pinckney founded her own ministry with a goal of helping to feed the hungry during the holidays.   

"We fed over a thousand people, but we weren't reaching who we needed to reach," Pinckney said.

Some of the people she wanted to reach included children who were arriving at schools hungry. For the past two years she has supplied food and clothing to the families of children who attend Dover Elementary in eastern Hillsborough County. 

Over 85 percent of the students at Dover live below the poverty line and when Pinckney heard about that, she wanted to do something to help. 

"There were children who didn't have underwear, they didn't have clothing and they didn't have food, especially food. They were going to bed hungry," Pinckney said.

Fifty-six families of Dover children received two boxes of food from Pinckney Ministries. 

"I nominated Mrs. Pinckney to be a Hero in this community, because she truly embodies the spirit of giving," said Marie Caracciola, Principal at Dover Elementary school.

The spirit of giving led Pinckney to extend her ministry to provide resources and training to churches in the community. 

"Not just feeding and clothing the homeless. Because of our economy and the way things are happening, sometimes people need to talk, sometimes they need to cry and if the pastors know how to do this, we can make a big difference in the community," Pinckney said.

Communities that can use a woman like Cynthia Pinckney to make a big difference

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Melvin Beal, 10 News

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