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Track Santa: His journey is already under way

12:03 PM, Dec 24, 2009   |    comments
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It's still several hours before kids will hopefully sleep through the pitter-patter of reindeer hooves on rooftops across the Bay area, but Santa's worldwide journey is already under way.

Because of the way time zones across the globe are laid out, Santa's first stop after leaving the North Pole on his sleigh was the Far East.  He'll work his way around so that by late tonight, he's in Florida and Georgia.

Track Santa with the help of NORAD.

For years and years, Santa could move in stealth around the world, visible in fleeting glimpses only as Rudolph's red nose blinking in the distance.

But Santa isn't immune to the modern world, where celebrities can't do much in secret.

He's been found, so he figures there's no use trying to hide.

He's working with NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), which, in exchange for guaranteeing a safe flight, gets to track him for all to see.

Feel free to follow along, but remember that it's best to be asleep well before he arrives in your neighborhood.

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