RED ALERT: You Say When Yogurt Shoppe 'A-OK' after emergency closure

11:03 PM, Jun 26, 2013   |    comments
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BRANDON, Florida -- You Say When Frozen Yogurt is a locally based chain with dozens of locations across the Bay area. But a June 10 visit from the state exposed big problems inside the Providence Lake Boulevard location in Brandon.

An inspector with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation documented 17 violations, three considered high priority.

Among the issues:

  • No paper towels for employees to dry of their hands
  • Build-up of a mold-like substance on the frozen yogurt dispensing nozzles
  • Frozen yogurt found leaking from the machines down the walls and onto the floor
  • Close to 50 dead roaches all around and underneath the machines
  • 33 more live roaches throughout the kitchen

So last week, we stopped in to see what the frozen yogurt shop has done to get some of the health code violations corrected. We were able to reach the general manager by phone, who informed us when the issues were brought to their attention staff took immediate action.

He authorized his newly promoted assistant manager, Sarah Creelman, to show us around.

"Nobody wants to come in here if it's dirty," said Creelman, who admits employees took the bad inspection personally and wanted to make sure it never happened again. "We were here, pretty much here overtime, to make sure we cleaned up everything."

She showed us all through the kitchen from the refrigeration units to the microwave.

"It all looks nice and clean in there," I said, opening up the spotless microwave.

Even the back storage area looked amazingly clean and well organized. "Everything is up off the ground and in the plastic bags."

We especially wanted to see behind those yogurt machines where Sarah says all those leaks were immediately fixed.

"Every Friday, we have three people who come in and they take it totally apart," said Creelman. "We drain all the yogurt, we put water in, we use sanitizer."

Every sink had soap and paper towels. In fact, we couldn't find a single violation, the shop scoring perfectly on its follow-up with the state as well.

We got a big smile from Creelman when we told her the shop would be receiving our 10 News A-OK Seal of Approval for meeting our stringent standards.

"Oh good, that makes me really happy hearing about that," Creelman said.

Things were so clean we even tried out a little frozen yogurt for ourselves (we recommend the Hershey's Chocolate Yogurt with some coconut on top)

10 News is happy to officially issue the all-clear on this week's Restaurant Red Alert.

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