RED ALERT: Beef 'O' Brady's blames rodent problem on shared building

4:45 AM, Nov 21, 2012   |    comments
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PALM HARBOR, Fla.- Located right on the beautiful Tarpon Woods Golf Club, Beef 'O' Brady's is the perfect place for lunch or an evening out to dinner.

"The serving crew is consistent, it's clean... prices are reasonable," said customer Michael Nash who celebrated his birthday at Beef 'O' Brady's with his wife.

But this Beef's wasn't exactly up to par, on their November 8th health inspection, the state documenting 16 critical violations including food with mold like growth ( lemon), temperature violations on the roast beef and ham, food stored on floor in freezer, a soiled microwave and rodent activity with 59 droppings found spotted near the walk in freezer, under the prep table and on a shelf under the grill.

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"I think anyone would have to acknowledge the quantity of deficiencies," said Nash. "I think the question is do you let it determine if you'll come back or not."

The state inspector returned the following day and cleared the restaurant to reopen.

But we wanted to know if the problems were really corrected.   We stopped in for a visit ourselves last week around dinner time.

Nicole the manager said she was not authorized to allow us inside the kitchen, but quickly put us on the phone with the owner.

The owner told us he was uncomfortable with the idea of allowing our camera when he wasn't there. Instead, he invited us back on a later date. We returned a week later on Tuesday morning.

Owner John Downey greeted us at the front door and says any issues brought up on the state report were immediately addressed.

"Beef 'O' Brady's has very good daily, weekly and monthly procedures of keeping the restaurants very clean for the customers and for their employees," said Downey.

John took us on a tour where we found food up off the floor in the walk in cooler, employee hand sinks stocked with soap and paper towels and a spotless microwave. As for the rodent issue, John says his restaurant shares space with the golf course cart barn and believes that's where the rodents were coming from.

"We know that we have issues in Florida we have to take care of," said Downey. "You have to have pest control so when you have more than open tenant in the same building you've got to make sure everyone is doing the same thing."

Downey says a new pest control company is now under contract.

"They came in a sealed 100 holes," he said showing us a gap in the ceiling now filled with a rodent resistant foam.

He believes that foam insulation should keep creatures out of the kitchen in the future. Customers say they're willing to give Beef's a second chance.

"We'll be back because we haven't personally experienced anything and I think everyone gets a second chance," said Nash.

The Palm Harbor Beef 'O' Brady's scored a hole in 1 on our visit, with everything back up to par and clean in their kitchen.

View this Beef 'O' Brady's complete inspection history here.

Beau Zimmer, 10 News

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