St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster will face Rick Kriseman in November election

7:23 AM, Aug 28, 2013   |    comments
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  • St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster addresses the public after winning the municipal primary election on August 27, 2013.
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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- While Tuesday may have been a night to celebrate, Bill Foster also knows with 59% of voters saying they want someone else to be mayor, he has his work cut out for him between now and November 5.

"Well, we broke 40. So there's not that much movement that's got to go (to win in November) ... and we'll get our message across," Foster told 10 News.

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He later told supporters gathered at the Midtown Sundries Restaurant and Bar, "Tonight is a night to celebrate. It's a night to enjoy, and then tomorrow the hard work begins."

Foster, the incumbent mayor, will face former councilman Rick Kriseman in the general election.

Foster was the top vote getter in a five-person race on Tuesday. The Republican collected 41% of the votes, followed by Kriseman, a Democrat, with 39%. Former councilwoman Kathleen Ford finished third with just over 19%.

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"The next nine weeks will be about leadership, will be about vision, it'll be about our records. I intend to run on my record of public service since 1998. I expect my opponent to do the same."

Foster added he hopes voters will look beyond the issues of the Rays' future and the Pier when they decide who will serve as mayor for the next four years.

"So the message going forward will be just stop and look around at the growth and the development, the awesomeness that is St. Petersburg. Look around at the cranes in the air, at the jobs being created and the economic development that you see right here."

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