Will Senator Bill Nelson run for Governor?

6:50 PM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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Sarasota, Florida -- Florida Senator Bill Nelson (D) once made a run for governor back in 1990. Although unsuccessful back then, some supporters would like to know -- will he do it again?

Senator Nelson was in Sarasota Thursday to talk about long-term healthcare but the main question on many people's minds is: Will he run for governor? 

We sat down with Senator Nelson before his speaking engagement. 

"I have no plans to run for governor," he revealed. "I have no intentions to running for governor. I have a lot to do as Senator. I love this job."

Still Senator Nelson said he can see why some Floridians and those within his own party are looking for someone new to lead the state. 

"People want someone to get Florida on the right track. People are concerned Florida is going in the ditch."

Nelson's examples include funding cuts to education, Governor Scott turning down more than $2 billion for high speed rail and state legislators' opposition to Obamacare and expansion of Medicaid. Nelson said one million poor and disabled Floridians will be denied healthcare as a result.

"It's inexcusable...it's unconscionable," said Nelson. "People are tired of this nonsense in state government and reactionary extremism."

If not him than who would make a good nominee for the Democratic Party, Nelson wouldn't give names. 

"I think we need a good nominee that can give some vision, has strong leadership and brings Florida back into the 21st century."

Former governor Charlie Crist's name is being circulated. But does Nelson accept the former Republican, then Independent, now Democrat Crist as a true Democrat? 

"I think anyone can recognize they ought to be flexible. As times change, ideas change and people stay up with the times."

On the sequestration issue, Senator Nelson called it a "meat cleaver" approach by Republicans. Nelson helped air traffic controllers avoid furloughs and some are now asking what about budget cuts to programs such as Head Start and Meals on Wheels. Senator Nelson hopes Democrats and Republicans can meet in the middle and find some bipartisan solution.

On Syria, Senator Nelson opposes sending American troops, imposing a no-fly-zone and bombing the chemical weapons facilities. He does support bombing the runways so the planes carrying those weapons can't take off.

"We should continue working with our allies in the region that are affected they are Israel, Jordan, Turkey and work out a plan to continue to put pressure on the Syrian Government."

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