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Mike Fasano and Paula Dockery hope a Republican challenges Gov. Rick Scott

5:51 PM, Mar 5, 2013   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida - With a sagging voter approval some have speculated that Governor Rick Scott could face a challenger in the Republican primary. But now State Representative Mike Fasano is publicly saying he hopes a fellow Republican steps forward.

"I believe if Governor Scott is our nominee, the party's nominee, that the Republican Party will lose the Governor's office in 2014," Fasano told 10 News.

Fasano is also not the only Republican who is speaking out. Former State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Paula Dockery says a lot of conservatives are unhappy with Scott.

"Some on the right and some in the middle and so he kind of doesn't have any particular group that's sticking with him because he himself changed so much on positions over a short time of two years," Dockery said.

But while both Fasano and Dockery would like to see Scott challenged in the primary, they also admit it will be difficult to defeat the Governor, because of his personal wealth and the money needed to run a statewide campaign in Florida.

Tampa Bay Times Political Editor Adam Smith agrees, noting Scott has the ability to spend $70 million of his own money to get re-elected.

"It would be very hard to beat him, as unpopular as he is and even among Republicans, he's got fairly soft support, that amount of money is daunting," Smith said.

Yet Smith notes if Scott's popularity does not improve, support for a Republican challenger may grow.

"The big kahuna in politics in Florida is the Governor's Mansion. If the Florida Democrats win the Governor's Mansion, that is a completely resurrected party that could really build in terms of donations and will have a big effect on the 2016 Presidential election. So when you're looking at a Republican with the numbers that Rick Scott has there are a lot of Republicans that may not be willing to say it publicly but they're very worried about that race."

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