Senator Marco Rubio's 'watergate' goes viral

8:03 PM, Feb 13, 2013   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- When U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio reached for a drink of water during his response to the President's State of the Union address, the Twitter world lit up and video of the Floridian quenching his thirst went viral.

Many of the tweets were partisan, like this one from Deb who wrote: "Known medical fact... lying leads to dehydration."

Sam Simon tweeted: "If you panic getting a sip of water I don't think you should be president."

But most of the tweets were more comical in nature like one person who wrote: "I think we know who Dry Throat is. #Watergate"

Actor Rob Lowe chimed in by tweeting: "Congratulations to Sen. Marco Rubio for his eloquent, and needed, demonstration of the importance of being hydrated."

While Wyeth Ruthven sent out this message: "Time Magazine was wrong. If Rubio were the GOP savior, he would have WALKED on that water"

Tampa Bay Times Political Editor Adam Smith didn't think the incident would really damage Rubio's reputation.

"Everybody can relate to having cotton mouth and needing to grab that water. It looked a little rookie-ish, but I think it humanized him as well," he told 10 News on Wednesday.

However Smith did think Rubio missed an opportunity on Tuesday night to chart a new course.

"He's supposed to be a new Republican, they're supposed to be turning the page on Mitt Romney and he really didn't say anything that was especially new."

10 News Political Analyst Dr. Seth McKee agreed with Smith's assessment but went even further, saying he felt Rubio was too ideological and too aggressive. McKee said he thought Rubio missed an opportunity with immigration to highlight a more centrist view.

"Time magazine has a cover that says the 'Republican Savior' for a reason: he's Hispanic. I mean, this is someone that you're hoping can bridge this problem the GOP has reaching beyond a white voter base and I don't think he did any favors in that regard," McKee said.

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