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Vice President Joe Biden rallies supporters in Sarasota

5:28 PM, Oct 31, 2012   |    comments
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Sarasota, Florida -- Vice President Joe Biden rallied supporters in Sarasota at one of two Florida stops Wednesday. He spoke for 43 minutes and spent half of it against Romney saying he's elusive on issues and his plan only benefits the wealthy.

If Biden is here to rally supporters then supporters say "mission accomplished".

"Four more years, four more years," chant about 1,500 Obama/Biden supporters.

If "Change" described the Obama/Biden campaign in 2008, "Forward" replaces it in 2012. Vice President Biden reminded Sarasota supporters Romney's policies represent the past.

"Look folks we've seen this movie before. Massive tax cuts for the wealthy, letting Wall Street write its own rules, letting banks write their own rules. We know how it ends. It ended in nine million losing their jobs, 16 trillion in equity in your homes evaporated, in 401K, and no one knows that better than people in the great state of Florida," Biden said.

One issue that rallied the crowd is women's rights. Biden said it's the "sleeper issue" in this campaign. 

"Imagine what would happen to it after four years of a Romney-appointed Supreme Court," Biden tells the crowd. He says, "We believe that my daughter, his daughters, my granddaughters deserve every single opportunity as my sons and grandsons have."

Biden emphasized the pledge he and the president made to the middle class and to restoring the economy.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we're going to focus our second term as we have in this, on creating more jobs, creating middle class security because we believe America succeeds when the middle class succeeds."

Obama/Biden supporters said they deserve a second term. 

"Four years not enough time for the devastation created by Bush administration," said Kathy Jones.

Obama supporter William Hall added, "I think he reinforced the plan of the Republican Party for one and showed that their plan will not work. And we're going to move forward because forward is the way."

Biden wrapped up his appearance with this, "If we win Florida this race is over."

The message today to voters was to get out, cast the vote and vote early.

Isabel Mascarenas

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