Amendment 12 has been described as "incredibly petty." It deals with who is the student member of the Board of Governors

9:35 AM, Oct 17, 2012   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida - "Incredibly petty." That's how Amendment 12 has been described.

It is the last amendment on November's very long ballot and we're helping you understand what your vote means.

"Why on earth would the legislature care enough to get 60% of both chambers to put on our ballot a question about who the student member of the Board of Governors is? Does anybody care?"

USF Professor Seth McKee says Amendment 12 is strange.

It's the last one on the very long November ballot. It's the appointment of a student body president for the state university system Board of Governors.

McKee says if you vote yes, "essentially that among our higher education system, there would be less choice or autonomy or independence in terms of who this student member is. It would be more controlled by the board of Governors who is selected on the board."

McKee has a theory about this amendment. He says it goes back a year ago when JD Alexander was in the Senate.

"We had a fella, I think he was at New College, who was pretty outspoken as to what was going down with the independence of PolyTechnic to become the 12th institution. He was an outspoken man and it got a lot of press. And I don't know if this is to reign in freedom of speech or the independence of who this student is, maybe that's what's behind this, I don't know?"

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