Power Plant Protest: Occupy protesters converge on the Big Bend Power Station

8:25 PM, Aug 30, 2012   |    comments
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Apollo Beach, Florida -- A group of about 75 to 100 protesters from the Occupy movement protested in front of the Big Bend Power Station in Apollo Beach Thursday afternoon.

The protesters first converged on Ikea, but moved on to the power plant after being asked to leave. 

At the power plant, which is about 15 miles from the Republican National Convention, three protesters locked their arms together in large PVC-type of pipes to form a circle and laid down in the street.

The protesters' arms then reportedly became stuck in the pipes and sheriff's deputies had to cut them out. Additionally, at least one of the protesters on the ground fainted from the heat and officials gave them water to stay cool and hydrated.

After the protesters were freed, deputies allowed the group to leave the property without making any arrests, provided that the protesters leave peacefully.

Overall, protest activity at the RNC has been light. As of Thursday afternoon, only two people had been arrested.

Protesters say turnout fizzled because of Hurricane Isaac and large numbers of law enforcement in and around the downtown Tampa area.

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