14-year-old Shelby Fallin covers the 2012 RNC

6:16 PM, Aug 29, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - CNN, CBS all send their veteran reporters to cover the Republican National Convention. But also on the convention floor is a young reporter whose stories keep the future voters in mind.

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Don't let her size and her age fool you. 14-year-old Shelby Fallin is a veteran covering politics. The Lakeland student moves in with the national press to talk to Republican star Marco Rubio.

"I'm covering what they're covering. It makes me feel what I'm doing is important. It's exciting to know I'm doing the same stuff my role models are," says Shelby.           

Shelby is covering the RNC for Scholastic News Kids Press Corps, a national school magazine. In 2008 she covered the presidential election and interviewed then candidate Mitt Romney. The concern four years ago was the war. Now it's more personal.

From 2008: 10-year-old reporter on the campaign trail

"My county, Polk County, has 11% unemployment. So what is he going to do to drop that percentage level?" says Shelby.  

Shelby's focus is on the future. She interviews Evan Draim from Virginia. He's 17 years old and the youngest Republican delegate.

"Why is it important for teens and kids to be interested in politics?" asks Shelby.  

"That's a good question!" he responds. 

After the interview, Shelby says Draim told her he is "trying to convince kids that politics is not necessarily boring, that it involves them even though it might not seem like it, that kids are the future of America. So the future needs to be informed with what's going on now in order to not make the same mistakes that the government has made before."

Looking ahead eight years to 2020, and Shelby Fallin plans to be back at a political convention: this time as a reporter for one of the networks. 

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