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Ron Paul backers create Republican National Convention chaos

11:15 PM, Aug 28, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- The 2012 Republican National Convention was supposed to be a formality: everyone toe the party line and rally behind Mitt Romney.

A few dozen delegates, most of them Ron Paul supporters, had other ideas on Tuesday.

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Some booed and chanted. Others walked out in protest.

"I will not be silenced!" one delegate screamed.

The anger was over new rules being adopted by party leaders.

Some delegates argue the rules give individual delegates and states very little voice, which gives a grassroots candidate like Paul a smaller chance of getting nominated.

Texas delegates waved their hats in protest.

"This is not how Republicans do things in America! That's not how we do things in Texas!" one shouted.

About half of Maine's delegates walked right out.

"Because we're not the political favorites, they're trying to silence us and denying the right of the Maine voters," one delegate said.

Their actions led to upset back and forth chants of "Romney!" and "Ron Paul!" in the arena's concourse.

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Party chairman Reince Priebus appeared angry at the display and pounded his gavel six times trying to control the crowd.

Political analysts say it show dissention within the GOP.

"This is a pretty unified party, but I think this is a sign there are some cracks and concerns," said Susan Page with USA Today.

Now those cracks have been exposed on the Republican's biggest stage.

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