Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan arrive in Tampa

7:08 PM, Aug 28, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - Governor Mitt Romney arrived at Tampa International Jet Center late Tuesday morning, two days ahead of schedule. By noon, his running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan rolled into town too. Both men are bringing more excitement to an already electrifying week for Republicans.

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"I think that's a smart move. Why not be here where all the action is?" says Cathi Chamberlain, a Romney supporter.

Romney will be at the Tampa Bay Times Forum Tuesday night to hear his wife Ann address the convention. Supporters say it's a sign of their strong marriage.

Matt Clervi, a Romney supporter and businessman says, "He's her rock. That's why he's supporting her, that's why they've been married so long. It's a team-based approach. Running a marriage is like running a business, you've got to be there for the good times and the bad times."

"I think it's wonderful. The guy has the good moral character, shares the same value I have and the family that he's got, I just think it's awesome and I am happy that he's here. I wish I could get over to see him myself," says Cathi.

She owns two businesses ,"Cathi the Contractor" and "Tool Teachers for Women." She says Romney brings the change this country needs.

Cathi says, "We're heading for big trouble if we have another four years of what we've had. I'm a small business owner. As you can see with all the regulations, it prevented me from growing any bigger."

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But as Paul Ryan's motorcade rolls into town, not everyone is happy with the Republicans being here.

"I'm an Obama fan. I think he's garbage, he ain't going to do anything to help the poor the homeless," says Ruby Lyons, an Obama supporter.

But this week Republicans have the spotlight and supporters are glad to see how he's energizing the party.

Matt says, "It's exciting to get to witness the new president of the U.S. A lot of energy here. Tampa is a great city to host this."

Romney will leave Tampa on Wednesday and head to Indianapolis, where he will speak to an American Legion group. He returns to Tampa on Thursday to formally accept the Republican presidential nomination.

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