Jim Norman drops re-election bid for Florida State Senate

12:53 PM, Jun 12, 2012   |    comments
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 PDF Document: CampaignDocument[1]

Tallahassee, Florida -- There's a name notably missing from the State Division of Elections website.

Click on "Candidates and Races" and you WON'T find Jim Norman's name listed.

State Senator Jim Norman filed a letter Tuesday stating, "I, Jim Norman, would like to withdraw my name from consideration to the Florida State Senate, District 17.  I do not want my name printed on the ballot in Hillsborough & Pasco County."

Read: Jim Norman's letter (PDF)

Norman had come under fire and investigated for ethics violations for failing to disclose a $500,000 gift to his wife from a Tampa Businessman.  

Norman's wife used the cash to buy a vacation home in Arkansas, which he failed to report on financial disclosure forms when he ran for Senate in 2010.

He reached a settlement and admitted to not disclosing the gift. Norman's attorney Mark Levine called it an inadvertent mistake. Levine says Norman originally was advised by the Hillsborough County attorney that the gift did not have to be disclosed.

"It's simply a disclosure issue and we felt the best thing to do for efficiency purposes was to resolve it by settlement agreement and let the Senate decide on any appropriate penalty."

Norman has since amended his disclosure forms.

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