Pet of the Week: Emily

12:33 PM, Mar 26, 2010   |    comments
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Pet of the Week: Emily

Clearwater, Florida- Our Pet of the Week is Emily. Sweet little Emily is a Dalmatian mix that came to us a stray in November. We estimate her to be nearly 13 years of age. She checked out very well medically and had some extensive periodontal work done. Now is well received when she tries to greet you with a fresher smelling gentle kiss. Don't let her distinguishing grey face think she is a lazy gal! Emily is eager and ready to go for walks and play in the yard. She shows occasional interest in toys, but it is people that she really wants to play with.

Come by and meet this petite gal who is going to be a perfect addition to a relaxed home that enjoys evening walks on the trail or at the beach. Emily is happy to acknowledged and doted upon-she loves human interaction.

PET ID: A07929338

Pet of the Week: Saturn

Saturn is a medium sized 5 year old domestic short haired cat. Her coat is in a pattern that is referred to as tortoiseshell. She is mostly dark and had orange highlights. Her eyes are a piercing yellow color. She likes to have her face scratched. She is described as being alert and sociable. Saturn is very affectionate and is quick to seek attention. Saturn was turned in by her previous owners because they had too many animals in their home. She lived comfortably with children in her former home. She aslo has lived with other pets but she may feel that she should be the only cat. If you have any dogs at home please bring them with you to meet Saturn and see if you are the right forever home for her.

ID: A09092604



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Humane Society of Pinellas

3040 State Road 590

Clearwater, Florida

A note from The Humane Society of Pinellas.

The Humane Society of Pinellas is dedicated to serving the community through the compassionate care of all animals. We are a nonprofit animal shelter that cares for over 300 animals daily. We provide lifesaving services to our community's sick, injured, abused and abandoned pets and wildlife. We accept and care for animals in need, injured, abandoned, orphaned, stray pets and wildlife and provide emergency ambulance service to injured animals. We conduct cruelty investigations within our jurisdiction and when necessary, prosecute these cases in close cooperation with local police and health authorities. We are not supported by tax dollars. We get our funds through adoption fees, contracts with municipalities and donations from caring animal lovers like you.
You can also check out the Humane Society of The United States at  



Humane Society of Pinellas

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