Dan Wheldon continues new season with new bride, new lease on life

9:49 PM, Apr 4, 2008   |    comments
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Getting the helmet right is just one task for Susie Wheldon this morning.

Susie Wheldon: "It's alway kind of a working list... I guess I'm just always running around."

For the past five years, she's been Dan Wheldon's "right hand man," so to speak, from marketing to personal assistant.

Susie Wheldon: "When he shows up at the track, I just want to make sure that everything is in place for him so he doesn't have to worry about anything but getting in the car and having a great weekend."

Dan Wheldon, IndyCar Driver: "To get into an incredibly fast race car and have nothing on my mind, other than trying to get the most out of it, certainly is a very big part of my success and I think, how well I drive."

This past December, after dating the past year, the two decided to continue their teamwork or life.

Dan Wheldon: "It was so beautiful, the wedding."

Sitting at the Vinoy, where they married three weeks ago, March was a whirlwhind for the race couple. Dan started the new season just days after their honeymoon.

Susie Wheldon: "It's definately very busy, but it's nice because we do it together and it makes it fun and I wouldn't really want to do anything else." You know when you meet the right person, it just kind of changes your outlook. You're just kind of at peace and it's amazing."

Dan Wheldon: "I think we shared a very special bond and as time went on, we were definately best friends and it got the point where I just couldn't live without her."

Susie: "We're just both content and happy and just excited to kinda see what the future holds for us."

Dan: "I don't think everybody has somebody who brings everything to them but I really do."

Dan's shooting for his second career St. Pete Grand Prix win this Sunday. he also won in 2005. For more on Dan's astounding racing career, see www.danwheldon.com


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