Secret ingredient in hamburger gets three fast food restaurant workers arrested

6:21 AM, Oct 10, 2006   |    comments
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Los Lunas, New Mexico - Three employees at a New Mexico fast food restaurant are facing felony charges for allegedly putting pot inside two police officer's hamburgers over the weekend.

Police say officers Henry Gabaldon and Mark Landauazo decided to stop for a snack at the Los Lunas Burger King just before 11 Sunday night. The officers conducted a field test on the burgers when they noticed something was wrong. The results came back positive for marijuana.

Los Lunas Police arrested 19-year old Jason Armijo, 21-year old Robert Knuckols, and 33-year old Joseph Ledesma on a variety of felony charges. Police say they don’t know why the put the marijuana inside the burgers. But, both officers became sick and were taken to the hospital.

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