Two women eating dog food for a month

12:40 PM, Feb 20, 2011   |    comments
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FORT MYERS, Fla- Many dog owners won't let their pets have "people food," but two women in Brooklyn say their dog food is so good they are eating it themselves.

The entrepreneurs plan to subsist on dog food for a month. they call it "evermore." it's made from only human grade ingredients, like chicken with yams and carrots and blueberries.

In homage to the documentary in which Morgan Spurlock ate only Mcdonalds, the eat-only-dog-food for a month project.... is called 'Evermore Me.'

The women have no marketing budget so they're going to stream a live webcast of their daily meal. "I would never eat a can of Alpo," one of the women says, "That's why in part why we exist."

One of the women is a chef and she says the meat in their dog food comes from the safe places gourmet restaurants and markets buy their food.

The food comes frozen, and costs between $12 and $14.


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