Tampa Bay Rays Stadium - Continuing Coverage

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An aerial view of Tropicana Field
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As the Tampa Bay Rays continue to campaign for a new stadium and the region looks for ways to keep the team for "generations to come," 10 News investigative reporter Noah Pransky leads the coverage on all the developments in the "Stadium Saga":

2/18/14 - REPORT: Kriseman focusing on St. Pete fixes, not Tampa locations

1/24/14- REPORT: Tampa council members opposing stadium subsidies

12/11/13 - REPORT: Scott Boras wants Rays in Montreal

12/3/13 - REPORT: Rays unveil Tropicana Field renovations

11/26/13 - BLOG: Stadiums are really expensive retail anchors

11/22/13 - REPORT: Mayor Foster questions MLB's commitment to Tampa Bay again  

11/6/13 - REPORT: St. Pete Mayor-Elect Kriseman wants quick end to stadium stalemate

11/6/13 - UPDATE: What a Rick Kriseman win means for the Rays

9/27/13 - REPORT: If Rays make the playoffs, will fans fill the Trop?

9/20/13 - COLUMN: Attendance issues exist beyond Tampa Bay

9/18/13 - REPORT: Grass-roots effort aims to "Top Off the Trop"

9/12/13 - REPORT: Tampa sports talk station kicks off campaign to save Rays

9/5/13 - UPDATE: Foster criticizes MLB for interfering with negotiations

9/5/13 - REPORT: Talks may be breaking down between St. Pete, Rays

8/18/13 - COLUMN: Trop's big problem is all about "ballpark" atmosphere

8/15/13 - REPORT: Selig, MLB will "intervene" in stalemate

8/12/13 - GUEST COLUMN: How to keep the Rays in Tampa Bay 

8/9/13 - UPDATE: What does math look like for taxpayers on a Tampa stadium?

8/9/13 - REPORT: Buckhorn, Hagan meet to discuss Tampa stadium

8/8/13 - REPORT: Rays announce ticket promotions for rest of season

8/6/13 - UPDATE: Mayoral candidates debate Stadium Saga & Stadium Stalemate

8/6/13 - REPORT: If Rays look to Tampa, where could a stadium work?

8/6/13 - REPORT: Can Hillsborough County even afford Rays?

8/5/13 - COLUMN: Is Tampa Bay a "big league baseball market?"

8/5/13 - REPORT: Mayor Foster softens stance on Tampa sites

7/26/13 - REPORT: Mayoral candidates discuss Stadium Saga & Stadium Stalemate

2/15/13 - REPORT: Sternberg, Mayor Foster meet again

2/14/13 - REPORT: Rick Kriseman wants to make Stadium Saga big campaign issue vs. Mayor Bill Foster

2/7/13 - UPDATE: St. Pete council rejects proposed contract amendment

2/6/13 - UPDATE: Rays release statement on councilman's proposed contract amendment

1/31/13 - INTERVIEW: Mayors Foster, Buckhorn discuss Stadium Saga

1/29/13 - UPDATE: Inside the Rays season ticket stats

1/29/13 - REPORT: Rays meet with Pinellas Commission

1/28/13 - REPORT: Economist who said, "Move Rays to Downtown Tampa" is currently paid by MLB

1/24/13 - REPORT: Rays meet with Hillsborough Commission

11/19/12 - REPORT: Local chambers release stadium financing reports

10/29/12 - REPORT: Where Pinellas Commission candidates stand on the Stadium Saga

10/29/12 - REPORT: Where Hillsborough Commission candidates stand on the Stadium Saga

10/26/12 - UPDATE: St. Pete rejects Rays offer; Rays moving forward with Hillsborough meeting

10/11/12 - REPORT: Rays counteroffer St. Pete, hoping to amend lease

9/28/12 - UPDATE: Rays fans react to new stadium proposal

9/28/12 - REPORT: Who would pay $577M pricetag for new stadium?

9/28/12 - REPORT: St. Pete developer releases Carillon stadium proposal

8/24/12 - UPDATE: Rays accept St. Pete invitation but say it has "no bearing" on position

8/16/12 - REPORT: St. Pete invites developer to present concept; challenges Rays to accept invitation

8/9/12 - REPORT: Pinellas developer has stadium proposal for Gateway

8/7/12 - REPORT: Pinellas Commissioners vote to invite Rays, St. Pete to talk future stadium

8/3/12 - UPDATE: Hillsborough Commissioners shift on approach toward Rays

8/2/12 - REPORT: Mayor Foster hints at legal action if Rays talk to Hillsborough commissioners

7/31/12 - REPORT: Hillsborough commissioners given "OK" to talk to team

6/11/12 - REPORT: Selig rips Rays fans again

6/3/12 - REPORT: Bullets routinely found in Trop roof

5/3/12 - REPORT: Commissioner suggests port-for-stadium swap

4/23/12 - REPORT: Why is Rays attendance surging early in 2012?

4/13/12 - REPORT: Grassroots group wants to "Keep the Rays in St. Pete"

3/28/12 - REPORT: Tampa group asks Selig to intervene

1/23/12 - UPDATE: Stadiums-as-homeless shelters bill moves forward

1/17/12 - REPORT: Could Tampa Bay learn from Ripken's Sarasota stadium snub?

1/17/12 - REPORT: Foster, Sternberg meet for two hours

11/4/11 - UPDATE: Proposed stadium legislation includes using venues as homeless shelters

10/26/11 - UPDATE: Local legislator to file anti-stadium bill...again

10/20/11 - REPORT: Mayor Foster, St. Pete Council talk Rays contract

10/19/11 - REPORT: Orlando mayor jumps into stadium debate

10/6/11 - REPORT: Maybe success is sustainable at The Trop?

9/5/11 - REPORT: Where St. Pete Council candidates stand on the Rays

8/18/11 - UPDATE: Foster to council: Rays aren't talking

8/17/11 - REPORT: City Council wants baseball update; Rays bypassing mayor

8/12/11 - REPORT: Council wants Mayor Foster to spill the beans

8/10/11 - REPORT: "Clutch Hitters" put pressure on Mayor Foster

7/20/11 - REPORT: Joe Maddon, Matt Silverman join chorus of Tropicana boo-birds

6/24/11 - REPORT: Chambers of Commerce, Downtown Tampa groups now analyzing stadium financing

6/24/11 - UPDATE: ESPN tries to explain Trop photo slight

6/23/11 - REPORT: ESPN uses old photos to portray Trop attendance

4/26/11 - REPORT: Commissioner wants stadium dollars committed to parks after 2015

3/15/11 - FACT-CHECK: Bob Buckhorn talks Rays stadium

3/15/11 - UPDATE: Tampa mayoral candidates hint at stadium pitches

2/2/11 - REPORT: Tampa mayoral candidates debate Rays

1/21/11 - REPORT: Rays sign Damon with attendance clause

12/16/10 - REPORT: Tampa Chamber will explore stadium funding issues

12/7/10 - REPORT: Rays' season ticket-holder "broken-hearted" over price hikes  

11/30/10 - UPDATE: Pinellas Commission extends tourist tax

11/18/10 - REPORT: Neither Sternberg nor Selig want to talk about meeting

11/17/10 - INTERVIEW: Sternberg on fans' misconceptions

11/17/10 - REPORT: Sternberg, Rays looking to MLB for relief

11/16/10 - UPDATE: Pinellas Commissioners discuss extending bed tax

10/31/10 - REPORT: Where Hillsborough Commissioner candidates stand on Rays

10/27/10 - REPORT: Pinellas Commission inches closer to partial stadium funding

9/30/10 - REPORT: Did ticket giveaway prove it's not the location?

9/29/10 - REPORT: Rays giveaway 20,000 tickets amid backlash

8/12/10 - TOUR: Climbing to the top of the Trop's catwalks

7/27/10 - UPDATE: Rays rebuff Foster's proposal

7/22/10 - REPORT: Mayor Foster sends proposed amendment to Rays

7/20/10 - REPORT: Mayor Foster willing to amend use agreement

6/28/10 - SPECIAL REPORT: Are newspapers driving the stadium debate?

6/24/10 - UPDATE: St. Pete mayor returns Rays' opening volley

6/22/10 - REPORT: Baseball author thinks Rays will stay in Pinellas

6/21/10 - REPORT: Rays want out of Downtown St. Pete, will look toward Tampa

6/20/10 - REPORT: Rays to make "major announcement" Monday

5/20/10 - REPORT: Hillsborough Commissioners discuss possible Rays Stadium

5/18/10 - REPORT: Group plans to buy land for stadium in Downtown Tampa

4/6/10 - REPORT: Three mayors team up to help Rays

3/16/10 - REPORT: Pinellas waiting on St. Pete, St. Pete waiting on Rays

2/17/10 - UPDATE: Hillsborough getting active in stadium saga

2/11/10 - UPDATE: ABC Coalition urges St. Pete to reconsider meeting

2/9/10 - REPORT: Developer visions a stadium at Toytown

1/25/10 - REPORT: Coalition concludes Tampa Bay needs teamwork to keep Rays

12/1/09 - REPORT: Rays' Friedman address team payroll

11/19/09 - REPORT: St. Pete steps up fight to keep Rays

11/3/09 - REPORT: What Bill Foster's win means for the Rays

10/21/09 - REPORT: ABC Coalition updates findings

9/30/09 - COLUMN: Could/would/should Rays consider leaving?

9/10/09 - COLUMN: Rays aren't "small-market"

8/20/09 - REPORT: ABC Coalition begins building final report

7/31/09 - UPDATE: Mayoral candidates debate Rays

7/17/09 - REPORT: St. Pete among worst options for Rays

7/13/09 - REPORT: Group releases first findings on Rays

7/10/09 - REPORT: Fans launch campaign to move Rays to Tampa

7/3/09 - COLUMN: How the Rays' stadium saga will go down

6/16/09 - REPORT: Renovating The Trop too expensive

5/22/09 - COLUMN: Location, Location, Location

5/8/09 - REPORT: Mayoral candidates debate Rays

Connect with 10 News reporter Noah Pransky on Twitter at www.twitter.com/noahpransky, Facebook at www.facebook.com/noahpransky, or on his Sports Business blog, Shadow of the Stadium.

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