Hostile Takeover: Man claims JPMorgan Chase seized his '@Chase' Twitter account

9:49 AM, Oct 9, 2013   |    comments
A screenshot from JPMorgan Chase's @Chase Twitter account
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A graphic designer in Dallas says a financial and banking giant seized control of his Twitter account.

According to the Dallas Observer, Chase Giunta signed up as @Chase on Twitter several years ago, which ultimately forced JPMorgan Chase & Co. to have to sign up using @ChaseNews as its Twitter handle.

But Twitter says Giunta used the company's logo on his account to retweet Chase customer complaints, and violated the social media site's parody policy for not making it clear he wasn't an official JPMorgan Chase Twitter account.

The @Chase account was suspended, and then turned over JPMorgan.  

But that's not the worst part for Giunta, who now tweets from @ChaseGiunta. It's that days before his account was suspended, he says he turned down a $20,000 offer JPMorgan to sell them the @Chase handle!

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