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Lost California library book found in Japan

8:10 AM, Aug 15, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA (KXTV) - A Sacramento library book that has been lost for months turned up nearly 6,000 miles away from home.

The surprising part is that the person who found it, sent it back to the Sacramento Public Library.

A reader checked a Japan travel guide out from the Sacramento Public Library in April and ended up losing it during his travels. Just this week, in mid-August, the library received a package in the mail. Inside was the missing library book and a note from the person who found it. The note said the book was found at the Ueno train station near Tokyo, Japan. The person noticed a sticker on the inside cover and saw that the book was borrowed from the Sacramento Public Library and wanted to return it. 

The cost to ship the book back to Sacramento cost nearly as much as the book itself, according Library Director Rivkah Sass.

The person who originally borrowed the book was notified and will be getting back the fee he was charged in order to replace the book.

"The book is back, so we are happy." Sass laughs.

The good deed has surprised a lot of people.

"Someone found it, looked at the address, and had a kind heart," Sacramento resident Spencer Hardey said.

"That's amazing," resident Jason Martinez said.

"That goes to show you how good and kind people can be," a Sacramento woman said.

"Somehow, I think I'd send them a thank you," Sacramento resident Kevin said.

Sacramento Public Library has a special thank you in mind. It plans to send the Good Samaritan a book just published on their printing press.

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