Teen mom Caitlin Tiller's picture with baby pulled from school's yearbook

10:28 AM, May 3, 2013   |    comments
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Trinity, NC (WFMY) -- A teen mother is upset with the Randolph County School system because they won't allow her senior yearbook photo to be published.

The school asked students to bring props for their photo. Caitlin Tiller, who attends Wheatmore High School, took her picture holding her child.

"This is ridiculous because, if people can bring their football, their musical instrument, their pets, with their siblings. But I can't take a picture with my son? I don't understand," said Tiller.

The school's yearbook advisor told her, the picture would be pulled because a baby in a school yearbook photo was not school related.

Tiller said she told about the picture being pulled, just two days before the yearbooks were to be printed. And she believes the yearbook photo guidelines were unclear.

According to Tiller, the school offered some other options. They wanted her to provide another photo or use the picture with her son, but in the "Senior Advertising" section of the back yearbook.

Tiller told WFMY News 2, it's time for the school system to embrace her accomplishment publicly. She didn't quit school, even when her life changed.

Tiller feels she's not alone; 43% of North Carolina teen girls were pregnant in 2011, according to the state of adolescent health and helpful resources.

"I want everyone to see that you can make a mistake and you can overcome it. And then I don't want to say Leelin is a mistake, because he's not. But everyone bumps their heads," said Tiller.

A Wheatmore High School representative said the school stands by its decision not to publish the picture. And the spokesperson added, Wheatmore High School will no longer allow students to use props in their photos.

As for Tiller and her son, they recently celebrated Leelin's first birthday in April. Tiller is also in college and working a part-time job.

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