Cellmate: Kenneth Cutter fed missing woman Kimberly Parrish to alligators

2:22 PM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) -- Startling new revelations indicate the body of a missing South Carolina mother may never be found.

Investigators have believed that 40-year-old Kimberly Parrish was dead; there was too much blood found by investigators, but her body had never been found. 

The investigation into her disappearance and possible murder led Richland County Sheriff Deputies to Orangeburg County, where they named 37-year-old Kenneth Cutter as the prime suspect. 

Cutter's former cellmate has now come forward and says Cutter bragged about killing a woman and that her body would never be found.

Aaccording to the cellmate, that's for one reason: she was fed to alligators. 

The discovery was made in court by Orangeburg County Sheriff's Investigator Craig Davis about Parrish.

The mother of two disappeared just days before Christmas 2012. She was last seen picking up her paycheck in West Columbia.

"As of this time, some four-and-a-half months later, has Mrs. Parrish's body ever been found?" First Judicial Circuit prosecutor Dan Sorenson asked Davis.

"No, sir," Davis said.

During Cutter's preliminary hearing on Tuesday, investigators testified that there is no evidence indicating Parrish is still alive.

"Ground searches, air searches, water searches, and as of this date, we have not found Mrs. Parrish's body," Davis said.

But perhaps most troubling is what investigators believe happened to Parrish's body. 

"He basically voluntarily came in to offer us some information that he said he knew from a conversation with Mr. Cutter ... that he fed the body to alligators," Davis said in his testimony.

It is possible Parrish's remains may never be found, but there is a possibility someone else knows what happened to her. 

"He concluded that there might be someone else involved by the way he would refer to 'we' or 'we're' or somewhere along the lines of being more than one person," said Davis.

A fingerprint found by investigators may lead to that elusive second party. 

Investigators also say a cell phone signal from Parrish's phone sent them to Orangeburg County near Cutter's home. After confronting Cutter, they noticed he had scratches on his body. 

They also found bloody clothes belonging to Parrish near his home.  It was too much blood for Parrish to survive, investigators said.

They also tested a car he was driving that day, and a cadaver dog indicated at one time that a deceased body may have been inside the vehicle.  

A trial date for Cutter is expected to be set for sometime in 2014.

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