Woman finds $9,000 print at Goodwill

10:44 AM, Dec 5, 2012   |    comments
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Karen Mallet flashes her Goodwill loyalty card and brags about her deal on Wolfgang puck knives. But the cutlery seems like a small bargain she scooped up at this goodwill next to this. 

The print caught Karen's eye, but what she spotted in the lower corner, caused her to grab it instantly. 

I looked down and I saw the signature and I thought Calder?  Alexander Calder maybe?  And I was very surprised and I thought surely not. I used my Goodwill loyalty card and I ended up paying 12 dollars and 34 cents. I found an art appraiser in Chicago, loaded it in the car this summer and took it down.  

Turns out, she has a good eye.

It is a signed lithograph, it's number 55 of 75. 

Titled "red nose," it appraised at a shocking $9000, surprisingly, Karen's not rushing to cash in her treasure of a find. 

At first I think, well what should I do, should I sell it, should I keep it and I didn't particularly like it at first but then it grew on me and now I really like it.  

Goodwill says it tries to spot valuables to auction them online for more money, but things can slip through the cracks. 
Obviously, that was the case here. 

WISN via CNN Newssource

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