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Caught on Camera: Man in wheelchair bound, beaten and robbed

9:50 AM, Aug 1, 2012   |    comments
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Upper Darby, PA - Confined to a wheelchair, his arms and legs decimated by muscular dystrophy, the 37-year-old victim has no way to fight back against two suspects -- who after he answers their knock on his door at the Lansdowne Towers Apartments drag him across the floor. One suspect holding him under his foot as they strip the apartment of a television, x-boxes, and 35 pills that the victim needs to control his pain. 

"How low do you have to be to do something like that?  I mean, I wasn't raised that way.  We weren't raised that way." 

Police believe the victim was actually set up by his cousin, admitting the two suspects after being told by the cousin that they were stopping by to pick up some medication for him. One suspect Dominic Henderson was arrested a short time later. The second, Keenan Smith, a professional boxer, is still on the run. 

"These guys are truly were sadistic in their demeanor in robbing this guy.  There was no way he could've defended himself." 

And when the vicious attack ended, police say the suspects took off, leaving the victim to painfully crawl inch by inch for a half an hour across the floor before he could retrieve the cell phone, which they had hidden behind a chair so he could call police. 

"They should lock them up and keep them in jail for 20 years.  It was terrible for them to do that." 

the victim did not suffer any life-threatening injuries.   The one suspect in custody, Dominic Henderson, is being held on $50,000 cash bail. 


KYW via CNN Newssource

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