Demon behind the sofa picture scaring web users

5:29 PM, Feb 1, 2012   |    comments
A seemingly innocent picture of a sofa is causing a storm on the Internet. Do you see why? Hint: bottom left corner
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Take a look at this picture. Can you see the demon behind the sofa?

The demon behind the sofa picture is spreading like wildfire across the Internet, shared by thousands of users.

If you couldn't spot the demon, click on the link below and see the picture, and another picture where we point the demon behind the sofa out to you.

Photos: Demon behind the sofa

So is it genuine? Even if the picture is not Photoshop trickery, it just may be a simple, natural trick of the eye known as pareidolia, a phenomenon where your brain tries to create images such as faces in abstract objects, such as clouds.


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