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Police: 91-year-old Albert Einsig threw urine on sidewalk to keep kids away

11:14 AM, Sep 22, 2011   |    comments
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Albert Einsig


York, Penn. (WHP) -- A 91-year-old Pennsylvania man is cited for throwing urine on the sidewalk to keep neighborhood kids off his property.

Our sister station WHP CBS 21 talked to this man, who admits to doing this. But he says he feels like he had no other choice.

Albert Einsig says he has never had problems this bad with teenagers in his neighborhood. He also says he just wants those teens to leave him alone.

"You know how long I live in this house? 63 years! 63 years!" Einsig explained.

Until recently, Einsig was happy in his East Clark Avenue home. But lately, he says he's been kept up all night by neighborhood teens hanging out on his porch. He put up sheets to stop them from peering in, but still they antagonize him.

"They bang on the door, bang bang, to get me out of bed," Einsig stated.

He says the handicap sign in front of his home is what's behind the taunting. So that's why, at his wits end, the 91-year-old dumped a bucket with urine in it on his porch and down to the sidewalk.

"Someone on the street out of all the people hollered 'That's a piss bucket!' Then that word got spread around to all the people out there!" Einsig commented.

Neighbors called police and Einsig was cited. But he says it was all blown out of proportion.

"See, there are two sides to a story. They have been at me so bad, I don't know which way I'm going," Einsig complained.

He admits he deserves the citation, but says he didn't mean to hurt anyone. All he wanted was some peace and quiet, which he still doesn't think he'll get.

"They'll be at it tonight, they'll be here beating it," Einsig muttered.

Despite all of this, Einsig says he has no plans to move. He is not sure yet how much the citation will cost him.

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