South Florida dog rescued after head is trapped in cooler for a week

11:54 AM, Apr 20, 2011   |    comments
Miami-Dade fire-rescue officials work to free a dog found with its head trapped inside a boat cooler. They think the animal had been stuck that way for at least a week.
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WEST MIAMI-DADE, Florida (CBS4) - A South Florida pooch found herself in a rather precarious position that needed assistance from several Miami-Dade agencies Monday afternoon.

Officers were called to Southwest 188 Avenue and 134th Street and found a curious canine with her head lodged in a fiberglass fishing boat cooler.

Photo Gallery: Dog rescued after head is trapped in cooler

Miami-Dade police officers on the scene called animal control, but were told that they did not carry a medication that was strong enough to sedate the dog.

The Miami-Dade Venom 1 Unit was dispatched, along with several vials of Valium, which was used to tranquilize the dog.

Officers were able to free the pooch using a reciprocating saw.

Animal control officers on the scene predicted, due to the severity of the dog's injuries, it had been stuck for more than a week.

Officers also noted that the dog had recently given birth to a litter of puppies, and it was the extra body fat that likely kept her alive while stuck in the cooler.

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