Monkeys Get Very Own Mercedes To Play In

9:25 AM, Mar 21, 2011   |    comments
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WILTSHIRE, United Kingdom (CBS) -- It's been a while since the rhesus macaque monkeys at the Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire have seen any cars, so wardens there decided to get them one of their very own.

The area the monkeys inhabit has been closed to vehicles during two years of redevelopment and park officials decided the gift would get the animals used to the sight of cars again.

Photo Gallery: Monkey business destroys Mercedes

A Mercedes station wagon, complete with suitcases on the roof packed with treats for the monkeys to play with and eat was left in the enclosure. About a hundred of the animals expressed their appreciation by scampering over it and trying to pull it to pieces. They raided the suitcases and made off with anything they could pry from the vehicle.

Wardens said they hoped the new car will help the monkeys limber up ready for spring and summer. 


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