Guy in poncho waves gun at Family Dollar store

5:47 PM, Mar 4, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - It's not something you see every day.

In fact, it's downright scary and it's all caught on camera.

A man in a poncho stormed into a Family Dollar store at 4409 North Nebraska in Tampa.  He busted through the door, pointing a gun at people and screaming at them.

What's odd is that he was well-dressed in a dress shirt, nice pants and leather shoes.

It was a rainy night on August 25, 2010. It was clear that this guy was in a hurry.

Detective Anna Richardson from the Tampa Police Department said, "The store was full of customers at the time, but he was in and out in less than 15-20 seconds. He didn't have an opportunity to hurt anybody at that time."

Using his handgun, detectives say, he began to bully a female clerk. She was terrified and thought she was going to die.

Detective Richardson added, "When he came in, he immediately pointed the gun at the clerk behind the counter with a few choice cuss words. He threatened to kill her if she didn't give him the money in the register. The clerk was so panicked, she fell down, ran."

But this guy kept going.

He was pushing his luck with another employee. Instead of trying to rob another register, the man, police say, just ripped the gold off a clerk's neck. Detective Richardson described the unique necklace.  "The gentleman ripped a gold figeuroa chain off the victims neck. It had a ring attached to it, with three gold rings."

He has not tried to pawn it yet, cops say.  They have checked local pawn shops because the necklace was so unusual.

One of the unique strange things about this case is that cops got there less than 60 seconds after it happened.  When they got there, the guy was long gone.

It lead them to believe that since the man got away that fast, he lives in the area.

That's where the public comes in to help.

Who is this guy in the poncho waving the gun?

Tampa police says all it takes is one phone call to crack a case.  It's worth a $1,000 to you. Call Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay at 1-800-873-TIPS.  You can remain anonymous.

You can also visit their website by clicking here.



Melanie Michael, 10 News

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