Memorial grows for fallen St. Pete police officer

5:18 PM, Feb 22, 2011   |    comments
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ST. PETERSBURG, FL -- Joy Miller is a police officer's wife.

Still grieving for two of her husband's colleagues killed last month, she found herself bringing more flowers to the St. Petersburg Police Department today.

"It's just not fair to the community what's gong on. It's just not fair," said Miller.

Photo Gallery: Officer Shot in St. Petersburg

This time, her flowers, and tears, are for officer David Crawford and the family and friends he leaves behind.

"Let them know that this community loves them and that we're very grateful for, unfortunately, what they had to give up today."

Among those visiting the memorial was City Councilman Jim Kennedy, wearing a tie with a "peace" pattern on it. People are so overhwelemed by the loss, he said, that it's getting hard to know what to feel.

"I think everybody's pretty numb," said Kennedy. "Losing our third officer in 30 days is just heartbreaking."

Across the street, some chose to express themselves with prayer.
Pastor Chris Cahall and a handful of others prayed for the families, the department and the city. The church, he said, needs to do more.

"There's obviously something broken in our city and we are desperate and dependent upon God to do something in our city," he said.

Regardless of how people expressed their sense of loss, the one consistancy seemed to be a pervasive feeling that something is wrong here. In a city that had not lost an officer in the line of duty for thirty years, they've suddenly lost three in 30 days.

"It's really effecting me," said St. Pete resident Teri Lynge. "You know, I hate to hear this, and just to know he's out there and this day is not done and he could shoot someone else. Something else could happen to another innocent person or another police officer. I mean, that's overwhelming."

Lynge placed a bouquet of white flowers on the memorial. She's saddened by the officers' loss, she says, and what all of this might do to St. Petersburg's reputation as a good place to visit - and raise a family.

"We're not Miami, she said. "We're St. Pete."

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