No bond for Julie Schenecker, New Tampa mom accused of killing her teenage children Calyx and Beau

6:08 PM, Jan 31, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida --  "At this point miss, you're obviously going to be held without bond," says Circuit Judge Walter Heinrich.

Julie Schenecker was not shaking this time, but clearly weeping and clutching a tissue, as the 50-year-old finally made her first appearance in Hillsborough County court.

Photo Gallery: Mother accused of murdering her kids

For two days, Schenecker had been hospitalized in intensive care for a pre-existing medical condition. Jail officials say it was that medical condition that apparently left her visibly shaking and contorted as they escorted her from the Tampa Police department on Friday.

"I assume in the future, the defense will request the appointment of doctors," said Judge Heinrich. "That's something that will take place after they file the appropriate documents. You're excused."

Judge Heinrich ordered that Schenecker be held without bond.

The New Tampa mother is charged with killing her 16-year-old daughter Calyx and 13-year-old son Beau, shooting each with a handgun she had purchased just days before, according to police.

Detectives say Schenecker told them she was fed-up with her children being "mouthy" and misbehaving.

"I think the state might initially seek the death penalty, but I also think there might be mitigation sufficient enough for them to decide not to go that route," at a later date, said Defense attorney Brian Gonzalez, who has not been assigned to the case at this point.

Gonzalez was, however, willing to share his insight.

If Schenecker's lawyers ultimately mount an insanity defense, the odds of success, he says, will be against her.

"Insanity in general is a difficult row to hoe. It's not successful very often. Juries don't like it, and it's a very difficult burden to meet. But certainly in a case like this, with facts like this, it has to be a consideration."

We saw no relatives in court this morning during Schenecker's first appearance. Her husband, who was a U.S. Army Colonel serving in Qatar when he got the awful news, is said to be on his way back to the country.

Father did video for real estate group

Meanwhile, Schenecker's husband is on his way back to the United States.  U.S. Army Colonel Parker Schenecker was working intelligence in Qatar when he got news of his children's murders.

Last year, Col. Schenecker appeared in a company video for Casa Fina Realty, saying he was pleased with how they didn't treat his military family like a number when they were looking for a new home.

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