Mystery Solved: Creepy Louisiana swamp creature likely Photoshop fakery

4:47 PM, Dec 13, 2010   |    comments
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A spooky picture supposedly taken by a deer hunter in Louisiana apparently has less-than-supernatural origins.

The picture shows a sinister humanoid figure with glowing eyes. The story circulating on the Internet was a deer hunter was lying in wait in the woods when the monster appeared. In fright, the hunter broke his camera trying to get away, but not before he took a single image of the creature.

Many people were baffled by the image, while others thought it was a hoax using Photoshop.  The website Playstation Lifestyle thought the creature was a viral marketing ploy for the video game Resistance 3, but the game's developer said it was joking when it made a post about the creature on its twitter page.

The true nature of the picture can be found on the message board where it first appeared. Posters on the forum found multiple versions of the same image that had different timestamps, casting into doubt the image's authenticity.  Another very similar picture also surfaced that showed a deer in place of the mystery monster.

Ultimately, a blogger settled the matter once and for all by comparing the digital image data between the deer/monster pictures.

The result: it's not an alien, nor a zombie, nor even a video game character, but only proof you can't always believe what you see on the Internet. 

Our mystery Louisiana swamp monster may be kind of creepy, but it's totally fake.

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