Hiccup Girl Jennifer Mee's hiccups return during court hearing

7:41 AM, Nov 3, 2010   |    comments
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Jennifer Mee cries during a court hearing. Mee is charged with first degree murder.
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Pinellas County, Florida - While her lawyer talked, Jennifer Mee did what she's known for - hiccup.  And if Mee wasn't hiccupping, she was sniffling.

Mee and two men are charged with first-degree murder. Police say Mee lured 22-year-old Shannon Griffin to a vacant house in St. Petersburg where he was robbed and shot.

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Right now Mee is being held in the Pinellas County jail with no opportunity for bail, but her attorney wants to change that.

"She's never been arrested before," attorney John Trevena told Judge Donald Horrox.

Trevena says Mee needs to be out of jail to help with her defense, including receiving medical tests for possible brain damage.

Mee's family also testified that they would watch her. "There would be adult supervision 24 hours. She wouldn't be able to go anywhere-leave anywhere," Mee's mother Rachel Robidoux told the judge.

But prosecutors argued that Mee's family couldn't control her before, so why should they be able to now. Prosecutor Moin Khan told the judge Mee had run away as a juvenile and that for the past year the 19-year-old was at times living on the streets.

Griffin's cousin also gave emotional testimony. Doug Bolden told the judge that Mee should stay in jail so no one else gets hurt. "Nobody should have to go through that ever; it's just wrong -- it's wrong, your honor."

In making his decision, Judge Horrox will consider the case against Mee, the danger to the community and the flight risk. However, a former prosecutor tells 10 News that it is highly unlikely that someone facing a first-degree murder charge would be able to get out of jail on bond.

On Friday the judge will decide if Mee hiccups and cries in jail or at home.

Kathryn Bursch, 10 News

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