Alligator found with arrow sticking out of it; bites one-armed trapper

10:12 AM, Sep 13, 2010   |    comments
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An alligator trapper nearly lost his arm after this alligator bit him.

Miami -- A one-armed alligator trapper almost lost his other arm Monday morning when he tried to capture an injured alligator in a NW Miami-Dade canal.

Alexander Alcantara was scouting his home in Miami-Dade County when he saw the alligator lying on the bank of the canal with an arrow sticking out of it. Alcantara decided to bait a line and try to capture the injured gator.

But the gator wasn't about to let Alcantara capture it and bit the trapper on the arm. Neighbors said they've seen alligators in the canal that runs alongside the neighborhood. Alcantara just wanted to help the wayward gator.

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"I figured I'd try to trap it and see if I could get it some medical attention," Alcantara said. "People are scared about 'em. People were telling me, 'Don't let it back in the canal.'"

Alcantara wanted the animal to be rehabilitated, but the animal was put down because it had bitten a human. Alcantara was not seriously injured and is said to be OK after the alligator bite.

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