World watches as Gainesville pastor threatens to burn Quran

4:54 PM, Sep 10, 2010   |    comments
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Gainesville, Florida - Threats by a Gainesville pastor to burn copies of the Quran continue to have ripple effects around the world.

On Friday, thousands protested in Afghanistan. Eleven people were injured during the anti-American demonstrations, according to the Associated Press.

Pastor Terry Jones has repeatedly said he plans on burning copies of the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11. Although, on Friday afternoon, Jones' son, Luke, told members of the media outside the Dove World Outreach Center that no Qurans would be set on fire Saturday.

President Barack Obama also addressed the issue Friday, saying America is a country of "religious tolerance", adding he felt burning the Muslim holy book would put U.S. service men and women in harm's way.

Already, Jones admits he's received death threats over his plan and Gainesville police have taken the precaution of now keeping officers at the Outreach Center around the clock.

On Thursday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates called Jones and urged him to change his mind about the burning.

In recent days, Jones has insisted he will only do so if Muslim leaders agree to move a planned mosque near ground zero.

David Schneider with Students for a Democratic Society says they plan on holding a protest against the burning Saturday at 5 p.m. in Gainesville.  He says the group will march to Jones' church whether the proposed burning is called off or not.

"Honestly, this goes beyond Qurans. It speaks to the larger trend of Islamaphobia in the United States and we believe people need to stand firm against that and staying silent against hate and bigotry really doesn't have a good historical track record," Schneider said.

Preston Rudie, 10 News

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